"Do your practice and all is coming." ~Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois - originator of Ashtanga yoga "Do your practice and all is coming."    ~Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois - originator of Ashtanga yoga

Studio Eight Yoga

190 California Avenue

above Blue Moon Pizza


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WELCOME to Studio 8 Yoga - Reno's Ashtanga yoga studio.

Ashtanga = 8 Limbs:

 1 yama – ethics/morals 2 niyama – self-observation 3 asana – posture 4 pranayama – breath control

5 pratyahara – sense control 6 dharana – concentration 7 dhyana – meditation 8 samadhi – contemplation


Studio 8 happenings...

April MOON DAY closures:  

FULL MOON tuesday the 15th | NEW MOON monday the 28th ~take rest 

Take a Hike! Staturday April 26th 2pm

Essential Oils and Holistic Health Class offered the 2nd saturday of each month 2-3:30

New students INTRO rate get your first month 1/2 off!

Mathew Sweeny Ashtanga yoga primary series "as it is" poster.
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